Goth, 1970

I was so goth back in first grade.

When Mrs. Mahaffey passed out the crayons, I always drew haunted houses, with neat little rooms containing mummies, bodies, and “kanables”. In retrospect, I’m rather proud of my bulk vampire storage area with its slide-out coffins. The little squggly things are lightning bolts, and the Collins family in question was, of course, the one from Dark Shadows.

My signature item, though, was the room full of blood which appeared in all of my drawings. Sometimes it was labelled “blood bank” and other times it simply bore the inscription “room full of blood”, as if every self-respecting (haunted) house had one.

When I was looking at this picture with my mom earlier tonight, she asked me if it meant I’d been a “weird kid”. I respoended that I’d felt more “normal” in first grade than I ever have since. Which is pretty much true.