My Last Move

Have I mentioned that I’m never moving again once we get settled in the new house? One of the only universally positive things I can say about my thirteen years in San Francisco is that I never had to move during that time.

Anyhow, Sunday is the big day. I can’t really say that I’m looking forward to it. We have to get the U-Haul truck, load it in Charlotte (which will be no small task given the layout of this apartment building), drive to Winston and unload it, and then (assuming we live through it and have time) go to Greensboro and pick up some more stuff from my parents.

Still, it can’t suck any more than last year’s cross-country move did, except for the fact that we’ll have to load and unload on the same day this time around. It’s a pretty safe bet, at least, that we won’t get stuck in a small town in Texas this move.

Updates may not be forthcoming for the next couple of days.