Coming Home


Had a quick oil change and a quick breakfast before heading out of Columbus on US 33. I decided it might be nice to take a drive through Lancaster (birthplace of General Willam T. Sherman, who burned Atlanta) rather than staying on the by-pass. Big mistake. I had no idea the whole fucking town was under construction. I’m serious: every major road in or out was either blocked or reduced to one lane and absolutely choked with traffic. I’d always wondered where hell was. Apparently, it’s about 30 miles southeast of Columbus.

On the way home, I also saw Nelsonville (with another Kroger, no nearly so old or tiny as the one in McConnellsville) and Athens, a surprisingly cute college town. I had lunch at a Long John Silver’s there, not realizing that if I’d just waited fifteen more minutes, I would have found one of the last remaining Arthur Treacher’s locations. Oh well.

It all became a blur after I stopped at the mountainside Kroger near Charleston. I remember I got gas in Virginia because it was cheap. I think I may have eaten dinner in Statesville. But I’m not sure. I think all the starches finally got to me.