The News

Aspartame apparently doesn’t cause leukemia and lymphoma as some had previously suspected. That’s a comforting thought as I chug down my Caffeine Free Diet Coke this morning. Really. It is.

Note that the link above is to the CBS News website, mainly because that’s the first link I found to the story in question. It’s ironic that today’s journal entry was originally going to be about the utter irrelevance of the “big three” networks’ evening news given the hoopla over Katie Couric’s new job as anchor at CBS. But Tim Goodman at the SF Chronicle said it better than I ever could: “CBS just spent a lot of money to put an iPod in its Edsel.” That pretty well covers it.

I have to go buy a new windshield and a new tire or two now. And maybe an iPod for my Edsel…