Art Good. Everything Else Bad.

The whole campaign can be seen here, and you’re absolutely right, baby. It’s garbage. I’d never actually seen it until today.

“Has your 4th grader ever taken a DANCE class or learned the basics of choreography?” “When was the last time your 12th grader went to a museum or talked about the origins of symbols in the SCULPTURE of various cultures?” Give me a fucking break.

What irritates me so much is not the idea of promoting art, but the idea that anything other than art is essentially meaningless and boring. Frankly, I can’t think of anything more irrelevant to my life than “the basics of choreography” and it would be no more relevant had I been force-fed it in the fourth grade. I just don’t care. If you do, that’s fine, but who the hell are these morons to assume I’m a less worthy individual for pursuing things which have a more practical bearing on my own life.

Parents who support the ideals of this campaign are no different from their overzealous peers who force their completely uninterested kids into Little League or summer camp or beauty pageants. I’m glad I had parents with more sense than that.