420 (or “Stupid Potheads”)

There are a lot of things that annoy me about people who smoke pot. The one which bugs me most, though, is the way they have this tendency to think that everyone else on the planet shares their particular vice, approves of it, and gets all the little jokes, etc…

I grew out of marijuana at age 17. However, I recognize that other people have the right to (and will) do pretty much as they please as long as it has no effect on me, no matter how juvenile I believe their behavior to be…

For those who don’t quite understand, here’s what “no effect on me” means:

  1. Keep it away from me at work, and don’t have “Happy 420” signs on your desk where clients can see them.
  2. Don’t presume that I won’t tell someone in authority when I see you dealing drugs at work. I probably won’t, but you don’t know that. At least make an EFFORT toward decorum and propriety.
  3. Do not make the assumption that I care or want to hear your babbling anecdotes while you’re stoned. In fact, don’t even make the assumption that I want to be around you at all.
  4. Do NOT smoke that nasty-smelling stuff around me. Offer me the same level of courtesy that I offered you when I used to smoke cigarettes.