The Neighbors

Just what kind of people sit around listening to annoying techno at top volume in their homes and backyards all day? I could maybe understand DANCING to it in a club (OK, maybe not even that), but just LISTENING to it all afternoon? What sort of chemical catastrophe does it take to create such an individual? And why did he move in next to me?

And yes, as a matter of fact, I DO believe that all techno is inherently annoying, thanks, especially when I have to listen to it against my will. But I guess I shouldn’t complain about nonstop circuit clone music; it’s so liberating, after all…

Anyway, for the weekend:

  • Working on a new site for a brand new TV station in upstate New York.
  • Maybe a little road trip to get the hell out of the neighborhood, this being one of those three weekends a year when it’s more annoying than usual to live near Folsom Street.
  • Probably an awful lot of Next Generation, since we now have them all on DVD, following dinner with Sarah on Wednesday.