Hmmm. An unexplained and unplanned 12-day absence. This is to confirm that I am in fact alive and relatively healthy. And that’s about it. Not, mind you, that anything’s wrong. I just haven’t had much to say lately. I’m once again thinking of my computer more as a workplace than an entertainment zone…

But, by way of quick updates:

  • Road trip last weekend. Pictures soon.
  • Planet SOMA — and this whole personal web-publishing thing to which I’m paying almost no attention lately — celebrated its seventh anniversary on Monday, and I had to be reminded of that fact by reading Becky’s site.
  • Liking Safari. A lot. I’ll like it even more when it starts having actual preferences settings.
  • I now have friends in Albany, which is a whole new experience for me.

Funniest read of the week (from The NYC Anti-Hipster Forum, via Chromewaves)…